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Have you ever made a den?

Maybe you’ve hung a blanket over some chairs, arranged cardboard boxes to make a fort or made a shelter in the woods with branches. 

Whatever your den looks like, it is a space for you, and sometimes friends and family, to be with your stuff, hang out and do what you like best. Dens are also great places for you to cosy down with a good book and read a few pages in peace and quiet. Our Reading Den is a place where you can hang out and find the right book that is just right for you.


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Awesome books to read this week (click on the covers to read our Denner’s reviews) 

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Whispers on the Bookshelf

Bookshelf Whispers

The latest news about children’s authors, books and events.

Bookshelf Whispers

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27th November 2020 in Whispers on the Bookshelf

A Dream Job with Chocolate Sprinkles – your help required.

After a recent flurry of well-received book suggestions, I realised how much joy I find in recommending books to children. I get a chocolate sprinkle of smug satisfaction when children…
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Awesome books to inspire young readers.

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Great books for parents to read with their children.

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Bookshelf Busters!

Blow us away with your book review and you could win an exciting new book as part of our monthly BOOKSHELF BUSTER feature.


Our Story Seeker Service

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your children, but stuck with the enormous options of books to choose from, DON’T PANIC! We’re here to help! Using our Story Seeker Service with just a little information from you we can recommend the very best children’s books to spark the love of reading in your children.

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