A Dream Job with Chocolate Sprinkles – your help required.

A Dream Job with Chocolate Sparkles

After a recent flurry of well-received book suggestions, I realised how much joy I find in recommending books to children. I get a chocolate sprinkle of smug satisfaction when children read and love the books I have suggested.

In order to get more of these moments (greedy, I know) I am thinking of starting a Personalised Book Recommendation service. My dream job would be to read books all day so I can recommend the right story to the right child and make happy readers out of all children.

I’m going to need a little practice at this before I can convince the world that this should be my job. It’s one thing writing book reviews for all to read but another to pinpoint which story will capture a specific child’s imagination; all books are different and all children are unique.

So, I need your help. If you would like some book ideas for a child this Christmas then please email me the answers to the below questions and I will use this information to recommend suitable and inviting books for them to enjoy. You can then tell me how well I did, or didn’t, do!

Information needed

1   Please list 1 – 3 books your child recently enjoyed

2.  What are their interests? e.g. football, music, horse-riding, baking, dance, science

3. Briefly describe the child in terms of their reading preferences.

To help with this last request I have given examples for each of my three children below:

Child One – believes in magic, loves a good adventure story and loves animals.

Child Two – dislikes any magical fantasy or science fiction, interested in what makes people tick and loves James Bond or dystopian type adventures.

Child Three – loves fantasy, being made to laugh and enjoys getting stuck into a series.

Please email your answers, along with the child’s age and school year, to ourreadingden@gmail.com and I will reply within three days with five book recommendations.

Thank you for your help!