Looking at the Lollies…

Here at Our Reading Den we like a bit of a giggle, reading doesn’t have to be a serious business. So, we decided to have a look at the Lollies shortlist. Lollies (other than being delicious tasting foody things on a stick) are the Laugh Out Loud Book Awards. The Lollies celebrate “the very best and funniest books” for children and are voted for by children themselves.

If you fancy a giggle and want to get involved then visit their website to see the shortlist  – a list of all the books in the running to win the prize. Please check with  your parent or guardian that they are happy for you to visit the Lollies website before doing so.

If you read one of the books and it makes you laugh out loud then you have until 14 December 2018 to vote for it. The winning book for each category will be announced in January 2019.

Here’s a Challenge………….

One of the judges for the Lollies is Michael Rosen who has written some very funny books and poems for children himself.

Here’s a challenge. Watch the video (remember ask your parents/guardian before clicking on the link – they may fancy a giggle too) of Michael reading his poem Chocolate Cake and see if it makes you smile.

And of course, if you have read any funny books that made you laugh out loud then please write a review so others can have a giggle too.