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Our Reading Den is full of books that have been put here by kids. They want to share great stories with you, and we want you to share your best reads with us.

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Our Reading Den is a place where kids can hang out; kids who have seen mysteries solved, travelled to new lands, seen magic at work and hung out with superheroes, wizards, cool kids, geeks with awesome powers, shapeshifters and the enchanted – and all through the stories they have read. They want to share great stories with you, and we want you to share your best reads with us.

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So you’ve read a book, it was awesome and now you’d like to share the awesomeness. In that case click on the review form button, share your thoughts with us and we’ll upload your comments onto Our Reading Den. Your thoughts and ideas about books are what we’re all about!

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As a thank you for your book reviews, which we love reading, and a very loud WELL DONE for writing them Our Reading Den award online badges for the number of books you have read and reviewed. It works like this:

Bronze Denner Badge

5 + Reviews:

Bronze badge – book reader extraordinaire

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10 + Reviews:

Silver badge – you are simply amazing! Look at all those books you’ve read!

Gold Denner Badge

20 + Reviews:

Gold – Olympic level book athlete!

Platinum Denner Badge

30 + Reviews:

Platinum – totally awesomely epic!

Platinum Plus Denner Badge

40 + Reviews:

Platinum PLUS – You are just the best!

Reading Hero Denner Badge

50 + Reviews:

Reading Den Hero – Superhero level Denner!

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This website is designed with primary-aged children in mind, however, we do have some Denners who have recommended books that we do not feel fit within this age range. We have therefore provided a separate 11+ bookshelf. There may be themes addressed in these books which parents feel are too mature for their children at this point, so access to this bookshelf is through the parent’s page. We do recommend that you are aware at all times of what your child is reading so that you can share their reading experiences. This will enable you to help them with any themes or issues they may come across in a book.

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