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If you are looking for the next juicy series to get your teeth into, or have read the first book in a series and want to see which book comes next then you’re in the right place.

Best Children's Book Series Suggestions
Children's Book Series

Here to Help

Our helpful Book Hamsters have taken book series that our users ( a.k.a the awesome Denners) have recommended and have listed them in the correct reading order, categorised by reading age.

Please contact us if there are any series we have not included that you think are definitely worth a read or write a review for the books you have enjoyed and we will make sure to add them.

Children's Book Series
Children's Book Series

What is a Book Series?

A book series is a sequence of books which follow the same characters and/or storyline. The books generally need to be read in the correct sequence so that the storyline makes sense and can develop as it is meant to.

Children's Book Series

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