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Things to do for children this Easter
Warrior Cats Childrens Books
Warrior Cats

Spring Fun

Discover your inner Warrior Cat.

Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter is a series of books centred around clans of wild cats. They are thrilling stories of survival, danger, friends, and enemies.

Each warrior cat has a warrior name such as Firepaw, Bluestar, Sandstorm and Runningwind.

We decided to have a little fun and make our own guide to finding out your Warrior Cat name.

All you need to know is the month of your birthday and your favourite colour. For example, if you were born in June and your favourite colour was red, your Warrior Cat name would be Tigerheart.

What month were you born in? The first part of your Warrior cat name is….. What is your favourite colour? The second part of your Warrior cat name is……
January Fire Red Heart
February Storm Blue Fang
March Rain Orange Stripe
April Dust Yellow Claw
May Sand Purple Whisker
June Tiger Pink Paw
July Grey Green Flower
August Stone Silver Tail
September Silver Gold Pelt
October Shadow Black Kit
November Night White Fur
December Willow Grey Cloud
Warrior Cats
Rick Riordan Books

Rick Riordan Books

Here at Our Reading Den, we love Rick Riordan’s books. They are funny, fast-paced and jam-packed full of gods, myths and monsters, legends, and epic battles.

The heroes in these books are often demi-gods, teenagers who have one human parent and one godly parent. Demi-gods inherit special powers and personality traits from their godly parents, go on dangerous quests and have exciting adventures.

Find out which Greek God you are most like in our Demi-God Quiz.

When you are bored at home, what are you most likely to do?

a) Make something out of any bits and pieces you can find.
b) Read a book.
c) Try out different hairstyles and outfits.
d) Play a game of Battleships.
e) Have a bath or a shower

At Summer Camp which activity are you most likely to try?

a) Metalwork
b) Crafts
c) Nail art and hair braiding
d) Fencing
f) Surfing

There is a very angry three-headed monster in your garden, what do you do?

a) Shoot fireworks at it.
b) Start drawing up a plan of attack
c) Try and talk it into leaving.
d) Organise your family into a small army
e) Blast it with a power hose

How would your friends most describe you?

a) Fiery, strong, inventive, funny
b) Wise, brave, logical, resourceful
c) Charming, fashionable, persuasive, loving
d) Strong, physical, organised
e) Creative, original, laid-back, fun

Your Results

The Book Character You Are Most Like:

Mostly A’s

Rick Riordan Childrens Books Things to do

Mostly A’s

You are most like HEPHAESTUS, the Greek god of fire and stone.

Like Hephaestus you are good with your hands, inventive, creative, and resourceful. You are kind and friendly.

Mostly B’s

Rick Riordan Childrens Books Things to do

Mostly B’s

You are most like ATHENA, the Greek goddess of wisdom and war.

Like Athena you are wise and courageous, good at planning and organising people. You have a good sense of what is right and wrong.

Mostly C’s

Rick Riordan Childrens Books Things to do

Mostly C’s

You are most like APHRODITE, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.  

Just like Aphrodite you are charming and charismatic. You enjoy fashion, trying out new hairstyles and keeping fit. You enjoy meeting new people and are a fun and loyal friend.

Mostly D’s

Rick Riordan Childrens Books Things to do

Mostly D’s

You are most like ARES, the god of war and battle strategy.

Just like Ares you are organised, brave and enjoy physical exercise.  You are level-headed and remain calm in a crisis.

Mostly E’s

Rick Riordan Childrens Books Things to do

Mostly D’s

You are most like POSIEDON, god of the sea and horses.

Like Poseidon you are creative, unpredictable, happy in water and have a love for marine life. You are fun and laid-back, though occasionally a little moody.

Things to do for children this Easter
Things to do this Easter Children Reading

Happy Easter

Spring bunnies are everywhere right now so we have hopped a few of our favourite bunny books for all ages onto this page!

Click on the book covers below to find out about the rabbits in the stories.

Things to do this Easter Children Reading

Age 5+

Books for Easter

The Rabbit The Dark and the Biscuit Tin
The Magic Bunny

Age 7+

Books for Easter

Age 9+

Books for Easter