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Our Reading Den has an online bookshelf of children’s books for you to browse, created by a community of children and parents.

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The Reading Den is a place for you and your child to discover and share children’s chapter books, find new authors and explore stories. Here is an online bookshelf of children’s books for you to browse, created by a community of children and parents.

Once your child has discovered a new book we invite them to create their own online Reading Den and fill a bookshelf of their own. You and your child can review the books they have enjoyed and help others choose their next read.

Your children’s safety online is very important to us, read our Safety Guide.

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If your child is at a stage where they can write their own review then please point them in the direction of the review button below. Many kids are much happier to talk about their book, rather than write about it, or may not yet be at a stage when they can write a review, so if they would rather verbally communicate their thoughts about the book to you, and you complete the form, then great. We would love to hear their thoughts however they choose to communicate them. We would also love to know what you think so please complete the section for parents/carers.

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How Reading Can Help…

The magical effect of reading

  • Reading gives children a knowledge of the world around them, and therefore more confidence in being part of that world.
  • Reading develops a child’s imagination and creativity
  • The more a child reads the curiouser they become.
  • Reading with a child can develop a bond as you share the experience together
  • Learning about different characters and how they feel can help a child develop empathy
  • Reading helps with concentration and language skills

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This website is designed with primary-aged children in mind, however, we do have some Denners who have recommended books that we do not feel fit within this age range. We have therefore provided a separate 11+ bookshelf. There may be themes addressed in these books which parents feel are too mature for their children at this point, so access to this bookshelf is through this page. We do recommend that you are aware at all times of what your child is reading so that you can share their reading experiences. This will enable you to help them with any themes or issues they may come across in a book.

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