Safety Hug

Staying Safe Online…

For those lioness and father bear instincts!

We, at Our Reading Den, understand that as parents and guardians the top priority when your child is online is to keep them safe.

Child Safety Online

Our Reading Den

Your children’s safety is our focus

As our website is designed primarily for the use of children and their parents/guardians this is of the utmost importance to us. So, welcome to our Safety Hug, where we will share with you how, to the best of our ability, we have put procedures in place to ensure our site is a safe place for your child to be.

Firstly, we will never collect any more personal information then is required to provide you and your child with the optimal service. Neither will we keep any personal information you give us for longer than is strictly necessary. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.

We also have a Children’s Privacy Policy. Please read through this policy with your child to help them understand how we treat any personal information they provide and what rights they have with regards to this information.

Registering for My Reading Den

How we manage accounts

When your child wishes to register an account with Our Reading Den we will require some personal details, so we understand that this is the area in which you may be most concerned. Below we have detailed the registration procedure, why we collect certain personal information and what children can and cannot do/access as an account holder (a “Denner”) with Our Reading Den.

  • On the registration page there is a check box clearly informing users that if they are under 18 years old they need to ask for a parents/guardian’s permission to register with us.
  • When you and your child register you are required to read our Terms and Conditions so you can proceed with your registration.
  • When a child registers an account our administrator has to approve it, this is done by a human not a robot.
  • An email will then be sent to the parent/adult informing them that the account has been approved. This will also ensure that the parent/guardian whose email address is used is aware that that child has registered for an account if that child has attempted to register without parental authorisation.
  • The parent/guardian can then login to the account with their child and can start recommending, and finding, new books.

The Information We Gather

That is never shared with anyone

We do not ask for any more information than we strictly need for a user to register an account, and so we can provide users with an optimal service.

The information that we will ask for when you and your child register for an account will be:

  • Their name – to make an account personal to them.
  • A username – this will be unique to each child and enables them to log in to their account. Only their username will show on their review, not their first or last name.
  • Password – so a user can log in to their account.
  • Email address
    • When a child registers for a My Reading Den account we require an adult’s email account so that we can send notification that the account is authorised. This will also ensure that the parent/guardian whose email address is used is aware that that child has registered for an account if that child has attempted to register without parental authorisation.
    • We also need an email address so if a user forgets their password we can send an email for them to reset it.
    • We may also occasionally contact you by email for marketing purposes, or inform you of changes to our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy.
  • Home address: if we require your address to send you a prize for any competition won (e.g. reviewer of the month) then we will only retain your home address for as long as it takes to send the prize. We will then immediately delete your home address from our records.

What Else We Do

To keep your child safe

  • We manually check all reviews that are submitted to ensure they only contain appropriate content.
  • Users are unable to access each other’s personal details.
  • There are no chat rooms on this site
  • Children are unable to message other users on the site.
  • Users can access our Instagram and Facebook pages through this site but these social media platforms are there for parent/guardian’s use and it is at your discretion if you choose to let your children view these pages.
  • Our Instagram and Facebook pages only contain appropriate content for children – on these pages are children’s book reviews by an adult written for parents/guardians to help them chose a book for their children. Please ensure you monitor your children’s activity on the internet as we cannot be responsible for the content of external sites should they leave our pages.
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What You Can Do

To keep your child safe online

  • Be engaged – explore websites together with your child and be interested in what they are doing.
  • Keep communicating – talk individually to your children, and as a family, about staying safe online. If a child feels you are interested they will be more engaged and likely to share with you when they feel uncomfortable about something they have come across online.
  • Read a book together you have found on Our Reading Den, or engage with them in any other activity, to give them time out with you from technology. This will give them an opportunity to talk to you about anything they are worried about online and for you to chat to them.
  • Talk to them about being responsible and respectful online.
  • Make good use of parental controls on your technology.

Stay informed – there is a great deal of information available for parents/guardians about keeping your child safe online, take advantage of this to stay informed.

We hope this Safety Hug has reassured you. Please remember that we will do as much as we can to make our website a safe place to be but it is your responsibility to ensure your child uses the website appropriately and with appropriate supervision. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.