Promoting Your Children’s Reading…

Mums & Dads

We are offering schools the chance to join Our Reading Den’s Schools page.

Encouraging Childrens Reading


Keeping you in the loop

We are offering schools the chance to join Our Reading Den’s Schools page. In doing so the school will be able to display their reading lists online for their parental and student community to view. Users will be able to see a synopsis for each book and read peer and parental reviews.

If your school has opted to join our Schools page then you will see your school’s name listed on the page. If not, then please feel free to speak to your school and ask them to contact us.

Get Involved

Pretend you’re in the Staffroom too

Please have a look at our Teacher’s Page where we have outlined the benefits of joining Our Reading Den and how it works for schools.

Stay Informed

We take your children’s online safety very seriously

Please also have a look at our For Parents page to understand how Our Reading Den works, the benefits of reading for your child and how we are working to keep your child safe online when they use Our Reading Den.

If your child joins Our Reading Den through their school they will be given a login and password through the school and will not need to supply an email address. All communication will be done through the school and the only information we will hold on them will be their first initial and surname.

If your child joins Our Reading Den by opening their own account online (and not through their school) then we will ask for a parental/guardian’s email address. We require an adult’s email account so that we can send notification that the account is authorised. For more information on how we use your email address and personal information please read Our Safety Hug and our Terms and Conditions.