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Getting the most from Our Reading Den

Welcome to the Waltham St. Lawrence Primary School Parent’s Area.

We are delighted that your children’s school is using Our Reading Den. Our aim is to encourage and promote reading for enjoyment in children.

We take the safety of your children very seriously, you can learn more about our safety measures via the link below:

Safety Hug

How it Works

Encouraging Your Children’s Reading

  • Our Reading Den is a place for children to record books they have read.
  • Children can access peer-recommended books and read reviews.
  • We provide logins for an individual account for each child. Children can access their accounts at school or at home.
  • On their account, each child has their own bookshelf, a private personal profile, and access to the school’s recommended reading list.
  • When children review books, these books are automatically added to their own online bookshelf and to the site’s general bookshelves so that all users can see their reviews.
  • As they add books children are automatically awarded online badges. We provide corresponding certificates which can be printed and awarded by the school.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry we’re here to help, the link below has some great suggestions for early readers:

Kickstarter Books

The Benefits

The Truly Wonderous Benefits of Reading for Pleasure

Reading for enjoyment brings with it a whole range of benefits which include increased self-confidence, a broader understanding of the world, a wider vocabulary and better grasp of grammar, the ability to emphasise, and better communication skills.

Our review shelves are full of an amazing array of books children have suggested, but if you have come across a diamond of a children’s book that is not on our shelves then we would love to hear about it! You can share your suggestions with us using the link below:

Suggest a Book

Reading List
Year 3 and 4

Click the button below to view the recommended reading list for years 3 and 4.

Reading List 3/4

Reading List
Year 5 and 6

Click the button below to view the recommended reading list for your years 5 and 6.

Reading List 5/6

Bookshelf Whispers

News From Our Head Denner

This is where the Head Denner posts book news, makes book recommendations and shares any story-seeker secrets. So please do go and have a peek…

Bookshelf Whispers
A Dream Job with Chocolate Sparkles

A Dream Job with Chocolate Sprinkles – your help required.

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After a recent flurry of well-received book suggestions, I realised how much joy I find in recommending books to children. I get a chocolate sprinkle of smug satisfaction when children…
Good News for Bookshops

Good News for Bookshops

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That Bookshop feeling..... Who doesn’t love a cosy independent bookshop – the smell of ink on paper, the promise of new adventures behind each shiny cover, the solid tomes lined…
A Bookish Feast

A Bookish Feast

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Wokingham Libraries know how to spoil us.... Not only is the online line-up for Wokingham Children's Book Festival something pretty special but you can listen to all the authors’ talks…