Alex Rider: Never Say Die


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  • In this brand new, explosive adventure in the number one bestselling series, Alex Rider is trying to get his life back on track after the traumatic events of his last mission. But even Alex can’t fight the past … especially when it holds a deadly secret.

    Alex Rider: Never Say Die

Alex Rider: Never Say Die

Our Denner's Rate This Book: 4.63 out of 5
Reading Level:
Length: 400 pages
ISBN: 978-1406378672

Not as good as Stormbreaker though

This book made me feel Excited

Henrietta4170Henrietta4170( age 9 )

Thriller, more adventure for Alex Rider. When Alex gets a message he is obstinate it was Jack who was thought to be dead, he sets out to find her. Flying buses and ejector seats meet Alex Rider.

This book made me feel Happy, Excited, Curious, Scared, Intrigued, Amused, Moved

NiamhMNiamhM( age 9 )

Great 👍 book

This book made me feel Curious

Leo6722Leo6722( age 10 )

So thrilling

Alex thought Jack was gone. He thought Scorpia was finished. But the the deadliest members are still on the run and have taken his best friend.

This book made me feel Excited, Curious, Intrigued

Mahayla2532Mahayla2532( age 9 )

Have you read this book…

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