Artemis Fowl


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  • AT JUST TWELVE YEARS OLD, ARTEMIS FOWL IS A CRIMINAL GENIUS. No scheme is too dastardly, no plot too devious. And he’s just discovered that fairies are real. Poor fairies. But these are not the cuddly creatures of bedtime stories. They are armed. They are dangerous. And when Artemis captures Captain Holly Short for her fairy gold, he messes with the wrong elf. Holly isn’t armed but she’s incredibly dangerous, and pretty annoyed with all the kidnapping. Artemis Fowl is about to find out that fairies fight back . . .

    Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl

Our Denner's Rate This Book: 5 out of 5
Reading Level:
Length: 320 pages
ISBN: 978-0141339092

This book was so amazing. I loved it!

This book made me feel Happy, Excited, Curious, Scared, Intrigued, Moved

April8132April8132( age 9 )

Artemis Fowl is a 12 yr old boy, with a bodyguard called Butler, in this story Artemis finds fairies, goes to war with them but in the end he helps them. I really enjoyed this amazing story because it really intrigued me so I recommend this A LOT, if you read it enjoy!

This book made me feel Happy, Excited, Curious, Intrigued, Amused

Theo6232Theo6232( age 8 )

Theo loved this book and has now read the next few in the series too.

Rebecca Chisholm ( Theo6232’s parent )

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