Bunny vs Monkey and the Supersonic Aye-aye


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  • There’s a new animal joining Bunny and the gang. Ai – a supersonic, super-fast aye-aye! But how will Ai fit in to the Woods? What mischievous schemes is Skunky cooking up? And will Monkey ever stop trying to hit her with a stick?

    Bunny vs Monkey and the Supersonic Aye-aye

Bunny vs Monkey and the Supersonic Aye-aye

Our Denner's Rate This Book: 5 out of 5
Reading Level:
Length: 240 pages
ISBN: 9781788452434

I enjoyed this book because it is really funny. My favourite character is Monkey because he always tries to destroy the world. The characters are Monkey, Bunny, Wiener, Pig and Skunk. Bunny always attacks with a branch. I recommend it to my friends.

This book made me feel Happy, Amused

Erin4144Erin4144( age 10 )

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