Death in the Spotlight: A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery


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  • Someone will take their final bow . . .

    Fresh from their adventure in Hong Kong, Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells are off to the Rue Theatre in London to face an entirely new challenge: acting.

    But the Detective Society is never far away from danger, and it’s clear there’s trouble afoot at the Rue.

    Jealousy, threats and horrible pranks quickly spiral out of control – and then a body is found.

    Now Hazel and Daisy must take centre stage and solve the crime . . . before the murderer strikes again.

    Death in the Spotlight: A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery

Death in the Spotlight: A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery

Our Denner's Rate This Book: 5 out of 5
Reading Level:
Length: 416 pages
ISBN: 978-0141373829

Amazing, I love the Murder Most Unladylike series and this is the best one so far!! [i think] the plot twist was amazing and I recommend these books to everyone

This book made me feel Happy, Excited, Curious, Intrigued, Amused

Molly4173Molly4173( age 10 )

I am a big fan of the murder most unladylike mystery’s and this one is amazing. Robin Stevens is a really good author. I am waiting for the last one to come out on the 6th of August. I have literally run out of books to read during lockdown🤣

This book made me feel Excited, Curious, Intrigued

IzzieDIzzieD( age 10 )

I thought this book was intriguing and I couldn' t tell who did it.

This book made me feel Curious, Intrigued

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