Microbe Wars


  • Since the beginning of human history, we have been at war with an invisible enemy. Microbes. These tiny organisms can spread terrible diseases. In 1918 a new illness called the Spanish Flu killed 50 million people in 18 months; and in more recent times Covid 19 has changed the way we live. In the 18th century Edward Jenner developed the first vaccine, and since the 1930s penicillin has saved millions of lives. And many microbes are helpful. They help our digestion, give us powerful medicines and even food. This is the Microbe Wars.

    Microbe Wars

Microbe Wars

Our Denner's Rate This Book: 5 out of 5
Reading Level:
Length: 64 pages
ISBN: 978-1787419155

Amazing and cool and interesting that it has microbes in it.

This book made me feel Happy, Curious, Intrigued, Amused, Like a Superhero

George9222George9222( age 8 )

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