Phonics Readers: Llamas in Pyjamas


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  • A lively rhyming story with humorous and irresistible illustrations, which uses phonic repetition specially designed to help children learn to read. Sam, Ali and Charlie all yell with delight, there’s a creepy sleepover at Frankie’s tonight! They pick out pyjamas with stripes, spots and dots, with their packs on their backs off to Frankie’s they trot. The simple rhyming text helps to develop essential language and early reading skills, and there are guidance notes for parents at the back of the book.

    Phonics Readers: Llamas in Pyjamas

Phonics Readers: Llamas in Pyjamas

Our Denner's Rate This Book: 5 out of 5
Reading Level:
Length: 24 pages
ISBN: 9781409577904

I would recommend this book as the illustrations are great and the adjectives and language really made it come to life. The end of the book is funny because the llamas think that the shadow is a beast but it is actually their grandma!

This book made me feel Intrigued, Amused,

Elina2364Elina2364( age 6 )

This is a good book for teaching about rhyming words as there are examples on every page. The author has written very descriptively and the illustrations are instrumental to the book.

Risha ( Elina2364’s parent )

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