Scarface Claw


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  • Big, bullying tom cat, Scarface Claw, Hairy Maclary’s arch-enemy, is at the centre of this story. But like most bullies, Scarface turns out to be not quite as tough as he and the other animals think when he is scared by his own reflection.

    Scarface Claw

Scarface Claw

Our Denner's Rate This Book: 5 out of 5
Reading Level:
Length: 32 pages
ISBN: 9780140568868

This book can be a harder read, so good for children around 7 or 8. The cat isn't afraid of anything that I can be afraid of, like spiders and lightning. Scarface Claw is scared of one thing tough, but I won't give it away! The pictures make me feel a little bit scared, like a scaredy cat.

This book made me feel Scared

Darcy2354Darcy2354( age -7 )

A classic book in the Hairy Maclary series. Perfect for cat-loving children.

Fi ( Darcy2354’s parent )

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