Spy School


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  • Ben Ripley has already pegged his dream job: C.I.A. or bust, but his personality doesn’t exactly scream “secret agent.” Ben can barely get to school and back without a mishap. Because of his innate nerdiness, Ben is not surprised when he is recruited for a magnet school with a focus on science–but he’s entirely shocked to discover that the school is actually a front for a junior C.I.A. academy. However there’s been a case of mistaken identity–but that doesn’t stop Ben from trying to morph into a supercool undercover agent.

    Spy School

Spy School

Our Denner's Rate This Book: 5 out of 5
Reading Level:
Length: 290 pages
ISBN: 978-1442421837

Really good 👍
It’s about a boy who goes to spy school and has to uncover a mole.

This book made me feel Excited, Curious

Huw6732Huw6732( age 10 )

This book is great for people who are into spying and spies. The series includes: "evil spy school" and "spy camp."

This book made me feel Excited, Curious, Intrigued, Amused, absorbed, entertaned, interested

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