The Last Rabbit


  • On the island of Hybrasil, lives a Magician and four enchanted rabbit sisters. One by one, the rabbits leave the island. When the rabbits leave, they can turn back into girls. The last rabbit, Albie doesn’t want to leave, but the island is sinking. Before deciding where she wants to go, Albie visits her sisters. Caragh has joined a circus. Isolde is the captain of a pirate ship. And Rory wants to go home to the family’s house. Through many furry twists we learn how one mistake can lead to many consequences, and that forgiveness and family are always within reach.

    The Last Rabbit

The Last Rabbit

Our Denner's Rate This Book: 4 out of 5
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Length: pages
ISBN: 978-0593173565

A fairy-tale adventure with magic and mystery. A compelling read about family, sisters, forgiveness and adventure.

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