The Last Wild


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  • This is a story about a boy named Kester. He is extraordinary, but he doesn’t know that yet. All he knows, at this very moment, is this:

    1. There is a flock of excited pigeons in his bedroom.

    2. They are talking to him.

    3. His life will never be quite the same again…

    The Last Wild

The Last Wild

Our Denner's Rate This Book: 4.5 out of 5
Reading Level:
Length: 352 pages
ISBN: 978-1780878300

One of those books you just can’t put down

I really like the last wild for it is one of those books you just can’t put down. It is set in the future and is about a boy named Kester who is suddenly carried off by a flock of pigeons. He then discovers that he has a special gift and must journey to find the cure for the last wild whatever the cost.

MooMoo( age 11 )

The Last Wild is a dystopian novel that I really loved and the first of 3 in the series. Although its premise is bleak – a world where global warming and coporate greed have been taken to extremes – it is so inventive, fast paced and funny, that it is hard to put down. The animals are imagined really well and each has its own very distinct voice – the pigeon kept us laughing and we genuinely cared very much about a cockroach. It made the children think and gave us lots to talk about, but did so with a deft touch. Hugely recommended.

Jenny ( Moo’s parent )

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