The Meadow Vale Ponies: Mulberry and the Summer Show


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  • Sam is pony-mad and dreams of being a brilliant rider. But her nerves often get the better of her, even when she discovers that she can actually talk to horses. Mulberry is a beautiful black pony, but she’s so grumpy no one wants to ride her. Except for Sam …Can Sam conquer her fear of falling off and ride Mulberry to victory in the Meadow Vale Summer Show? Or will Mulberry’s bad behaviour ruin everything for them both?

    The Meadow Vale Ponies: Mulberry and the Summer Show

The Meadow Vale Ponies: Mulberry and the Summer Show

Our Denner's Rate This Book: 5 out of 5
Reading Level:
Length: 192 pages
ISBN: 978-0192734662


Annaliese4138Annaliese4138( age 8 )

These books made me love reading

It was all about horses and was very good at getting you to love reading. I now love reading and these books made me love it.

BumbleBee10BumbleBee10( age 8 )

For a child that loves ponies, this is a wonderful series to encourage them to read.

Lucinda ( BumbleBee10’s parent )

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