The Selfish Crocodile


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  • Every morning a very large and very snappy crocodile shouts this selfish message: ‘Stay away from my river! It’s MY river! If you come in my river, I’ll eat you all!’ The animals in the forest don’t know what to do. They are frightened of the crocodile. Even the fish, tadpoles, frogs, crabs and crayfish stay out of the water. Until one day the creatures are woken by a loud groaning sound which turns out to be the selfish crocodile in a lot of pain, and the smallest of them all, a little mouse, finds a way to solve their snappy dilemma!

    The Selfish Crocodile

The Selfish Crocodile

Our Denner's Rate This Book: 5 out of 5
Reading Level:
Length: 32 pages
ISBN: 9781408885253

This helps with how it's not kind to be mean to your friends and how the others didn't want to bathe as they were scared of the crocodile but once the crocodile was kind then they were all friends.

This book made me feel Happy, Sad, Scared

Reece99Reece99( age 6 )

The good stuff was at the end the crocodile shared the river with all the animals and the bad part was that his tooth was wonky and it hurt him and he didn’t share the bath at the beginning

This book made me feel Annoyed then happy

Mila6732Mila6732( age 7 )

Mila was very interested in this book as became happier as she read it because the crocodile shared the river

Francesca ( Mila6732’s parent )

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