The Sheep-pig


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  • When Babe, the little orphaned piglet, is won at a fair by Farmer Hogget, he is adopted by Fly, the kind-hearted sheep-dog. Babe is determined to learn everything he can from Fly. He knows he can’t be a sheep-dog. But maybe, just maybe, he might be a sheep-pig.

    The Sheep-pig

The Sheep-pig

Our Denner's Rate This Book: 5 out of 5
Reading Level:
Length: 144 pages
ISBN: 978-0141370217

The book is about a piglet who wants to be a sheep dog. I enjoyed the book because the piglet was brave and kind to the sheep. The sheep always did what the piglet said because the piglet kept on being polite.

This book made me feel Happy, Excited, Amused

Lucy4742Lucy4742( age 7 )

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