The Snake Who Came to Stay – Little Gems


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  • Polly has set up a pets’ holiday home for the summer and with a house full of greedy guinea pigs, pesky parrots and slithering snakes, Mum is getting more fed up by the day! Especially when Doris the snake goes missing…Can Polly find Doris before the snake finds the guinea pigs? High quality cream paper and a special easy to read font ensure a smooth read for all.

    The Snake Who Came to Stay – Little Gems

The Snake Who Came to Stay – Little Gems

Our Denner's Rate This Book: 5 out of 5
Reading Level:
Length: 96 pages
ISBN: 9781781125748

The snake got up to lots of mischief and it was funny. The mum was angry at the daughter and it made me laugh. I loved it! You should read it too. It is only a short book so is easy to read.

This book made me feel Happy

Marnie5832Marnie5832( age 7 )

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