I thought this book was funny because the medium-sized goblin sat on the big-sized goblin and they both fell of the chair.
This book was like Goldilocks and the three bears and then I recognised at the end the story was suppost to be about Goldilocks and the three bears.
When the person that said who are the three people and Rachel said it is the three bears but then the lady said that it was the wrong answer and then I felt shock and then she said it was the three green goblins.
Rachel, Kirsty and the fairy's always save the day and when I first read a rainbow magic book I thought the Fairy's, Rachel and Kirsty would not save the day but when I finish reading the book then I recognised they will save the day.
This book first made me feel happy but when the goblins turn up in the story I felt a bit scared, sad and worried at the same time but at the end of the story I felt happy and less worried.
But I do know that this book is fake but you might think I feel like I think this book is real but I already know this book is not real.
I could not wait to finish this book because it was really interesting.

Taybah4932 ( age 9 )