This book is about a boy called Dennis and he was twelve years old and his brother John was 14 years old. Dennis loved football and he was really good at it. He met a girl called Lisa, she went to school with Dennis but was older than him. His mummy and daddy divorced and all the photographs of his mummy were burnt apart from one that he saved which was a photo of his mum in an orange dress. Dennis dressed up in an orange sequin dress because he really liked it. He wore it to school and he was expelled. Some of his friends teased but some were kind. It was the football cup final and Dennis wasn't allowed to play. His team were losing because he wasn't playing.. Lisa made his team all wear dresses so Dennis wouldn't feel left out. Dennis joined in and they won the match. I liked the ending when the Head teacher said Dennis could go back to school. They found out that the headmaster liked to wear dresses too.

Lucy4742 ( age 7 )