There is a boy called Xar who is a wizard but has NO magic. He wants to catch a witch, a large raven with acid blood and razor sharp claws. They CAN use magic there is also one called the KingWitch. So Xar try's to get the magic of a Witch for himself (by the way Xar has some magic creatures : 3 giant snowcats , a talking raven called Caliburn, some sprites (not the drink) called Tiffinstorm, Ariel and Timeloss. There are some smaller sprites called Squeezejoos, Bumbleboozle and a baby one I don't know the name of. There are some warriors that are the wizard's enemy. The story is about two people one wizard, Xar and one warrior called Wish. They were taught to despise of each other by birth. Xar got the magic from the witch , Wish and Xar became friends they discovered that the warrior that is not meant to have magic had magic that works on IRON a magic destroying substance. SPOILER ALERT........In the end, they destroyed the King Witch and discovered that Wish was a Great Enchanter!

Theo6232 ( age 8 )