A Very Exciting Story

By 30th October 2018

I really enjoyed this story. It is exciting and full of amazing adventures. It is set in the olden days - 6,000 years ago - and is about a boy and a wolf cub. I liked all the adventures they have to go on to find the Mountain of the World Spirit and all the problems they have to solve on the way - like finding food, making fire and escaping from the demon bear! It is a very exciting story. I also really liked the way you get to see things from the point of view of the wolf cub and not just the boy. The really good thing is that there are 6 of these books in the series (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness) so after this one you still have 5 left to go! I am on number 3 at the moment (Soul Eater) and have really liked all of them so far.

AKL9 ( age )

Wolf Brother Childrens Book