I was hypnotised, mesmerised by the pages

By 25th October 2018

How would you feel if your whole life was written on your skin for all to see? Ink is a novel aimed at a teen and young adult audience, however it's great for younger readers wanting a challenge. Leora lives in Saintstone, a place where your every action, every deed, is marked on your skin for all to see. But what if you wanted a secret to be kept hidden? In this world when you die your marked skin turns into a book for your family to see and remember you by. When Leora's Dad dies early in the book, she has to think twice about what she has been told all her life. When I read Ink it made me feel so many emotions. When I was reading it, I was hypnotised, mesmerised by the pages. I heard there was a second book (actually it's going to be a trilogy) and I got so excited and instantly wanted to order it. Ink is the only book I've read that made me see through the pages and the words and really think about the meaning.

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