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We are super chuffed that you have decided to become part of Our Reading Den. Let us explain a little bit about how a My Reading Den account works.

We ask you to create a username which you can make as fun and individual as you like. This is the name that will be on all your reviews and that other users of Our Reading Den will be able to see. In order to keep you safe online no one but you is able to see your real name or your email address.

You MUST use a parent’s email address and ask for their PERMISSION to use it.

Please also read our Children’s Privacy Policy, which explains how we use any personal information that is given to us. Encourage your grown-up to read it through with you so they can explain any part that may sound like goobledegook to you!

On your account your own online bookshelf will fill up with all the awesome books you have reviewed. Other users will be able to see this bookshelf so if one of your reviews has inspired them, they can go on to be inspired by the other books you have read, which officially makes you a reading hero!

Please check your email spam folder!

When we approve your membership we will send you an email confirming that you are an approved Denner, sometimes this can be picked up as spam so please check your spam folder and enjoy Our Reading Den!

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