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The magical effect of reading

  • Reading gives children a knowledge of the world around them, and therefore more confidence in being part of that world.
  • Reading develops a child’s imagination and creativity
  • The more a child reads the curiouser they become.
  • Reading with a child can develop a bond as you share the experience together
  • Learning about different characters and how they feel can help a child develop empathy
  • Reading helps with concentration and language skills

Reviews by you for you

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We encourage children to inspire others by recommending books they have enjoyed, and reviewing books on Our Reading Den’s bookshelves they have already read. We also invite parents to include their thoughts on the book.

Learning to write book reviews has many benefits for children, a few of which we have listed below.

  • Writing how they felt about a book gives a reader an insight into their own reactions to what they have read and builds a greater self-understanding.
  • Children develop an ability to communicate how they feel in words, an essential life skill.
  • Children learn to form and communicate their own opinions, and become more self-confident as a result.