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Book Recommendations

Let me find the perfect books to inspire your child.

Story Seeker Service for Children

Story Seeker Service

Finding great stories for your children

There have never been so many wonderful children’s books available for our children to read but navigating your way through all these stories to find the right ones to excite and inspire your child is not always easy, and this is where I come in.

My Story Seeker Service provides you with a list of six book recommendations curated just for your child. Every child is unique and their list will reflect their individuality.

Every list is based on information you provide about your child’s interests, likes and reading tastes. I want every child to get excited about the books on their list, so I take the time to match the right books to each child.

Along with the personalised list I will gift-wrap and deliver a number of books from the list, depending on which service you choose.

How it works

A quick and simple way to encourage your child to read

Simply choose the service you require then book a Zoom call with myself via the Scheduling Form below.  Payment can then be made securely by your visa/debit card, or Paypal account, through Paypal.

On the Zoom call we will discuss your child’s reading preferences and current reading level. This helps me individualise their list.

I will send your list to the provided email address. The list includes information about the books, authors, illustrators, book-related activities and Story Seeker notes.

The books to be delivered will be gold-starred, giving you time to notify me if you already that particular book. I will then recommend another.

Your child’s books will be gift-wrapped and delivered, along with a printed copy of their list, to your front door.

Then all you need to do is share the list with your child, take delivery of their books and enjoy your child’s excitement as they explore new stories and discover great authors.

Introductory Prices

Our Reading Den Story Seekers Service

Prices cover the number of books chosen, and standard delivery.

Price Story Seeker Service
£22.00 SEEDLING: curated list, one book and delivery
£29.00 ACORN: curated list, two books and delivery
£36.00 SAPLING: curated list, three books and delivery
£44.00 CATKIN: curated list, four books and delivery
£53.00 OAK: curated list, five books and delivery
£58.00 FOREST: curated list, six books and delivery

Book a One-on-One Session

First select the package you want,
then select a date and time that works for you:

Why use this service?

Believe in the Power of Reading.

I do. The benefits of reading for pleasure are numerous. Reading helps children academically, as well as with their emotional, cognitive, and social development.

“Reading for pleasure is more important for children’s cognitive development than their parents’ level of education and is a more powerful factor in life achievement than socio-economic background.” *

Reading can also bring joy, build confidence, regulate mood and lower anxiety.

All children can develop a love of stories and of reading. They just need encouragement, support and the right book to ignite that spark.

* Sullivan, ABrown, M(2013) Social inequalities in cognitive scores at age 16

Why Listen to Me?

I am passionate about children’s literature and getting children reading.

I make it my business to thoroughly research children’s books from classics to the latest publications. I read reviews, bookshop blogs, follow relevant social media, and spend hours in bookshops and libraries. Most importantly I read children’s books.

I also read every book review that children add to and so keep in touch with what books children are reading and what they think about them.

I have a degree in English and American Literature, read with school-children, run an in-school book club and have completed a Creative Writing Course for Children with the Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge.